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Where Are We Headed?

This webpage deals with purely political issues that do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone within the government of the Borough of Riverdale, it represents merely the musings of the editor, an attempt to present viewpoints not usually available in the establishment media. Read to educate in order to act. The U.S. House of Representatives is the single most powerful legislative body established under our Constitution. The political, social and economic philosophies that influence the make up of the membership of Congress will guide the direction of our country for generations.

money_down_drain.jpg This column appeared in the February 13, 2009 edition of the Newark Star Ledger. The article was originally run in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper. Excellent!
Obama About to Sign Away Forefathers' Vision


An article written by Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin in USA Tomorrow.
Buy A Gun?
Rocky Mountain News story on the Shootings

Attached is an article on the Scienco of Global Warming. Also below are links to more articles questioning the validity of the Global Warming Scare.
Analyzing Global Warming Science

Obama's First 100 Days

An interesting editorial on the condition of the roads and bridges in our country. Where is the tax money going that is supposed to maintain them?
American Bridges and Roadways - Are They Safe? Why Not?

Besides the unsafe medicines, foods, toys and other products, what are the ramifications of the unbridled trade we have with Red China?
China Currency

One state's approach in addressing the illegal aliens and the resultant drain on public services. Illegal Immigration Outlawed in Oklahoma

The Federal Government has been given broad powers to watch over us in the name of national security.
An article from the New American.

Once the heart and soul of America, the middle class has recently endured mounting job losses and declining standards of living.
Losing Our Way: The Endangered Middle Class

Blame The Federal Reserve

The New American » Insider Report/Inside Track
Anna Schwartz — “Blame the Fed”
February 12, 2008
Current Issue

“There never would have been a sub-prime mortgage crisis if the Fed had been alert. This is something Alan Greenspan must answer for,” said Dr. Anna Schwartz in an interview with British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on January 13. Dr. Schwartz, who won fame as an economist in 1965 as a coauthor with Milton Friedman of A Monetary History of the United States, continues, at age 92, her scholarly work at the National Bureau of Economic Research, where she has worked for the past seven decades.

Evans-Pritchard writes concerning her criticism of the Federal Reserve System:

According to Schwartz the original sin of the Bernanke-Greenspan Fed was to hold rates at 1 per cent from 2003 to June 2004, long after the dotcom bubble was over. “It is clear that monetary policy was too accommodative. Rates of 1 per cent were bound to encourage all kinds of risky behaviour,” says Schwartz.

She is scornful of Greenspan’s campaign to clear his name by blaming the bubble on an Asian saving glut, which purportedly created stimulus beyond the control of the Fed by driving down global bond rates. “This attempt to exculpate himself is not convincing. The Fed failed to confront something that was evident. It can’t be blamed on global events,” she says.

Anna Schwartz and the late Milton Friedman are two of the best-known proponents of the “monetarist” school of economics, which is not opposed, per se, to central banking as exemplified by the Federal Reserve. However, in his later years, Friedman, like many other free-market economists, advocated abolishing the Fed. “I would prefer to abolish the federal reserve system altogether. That is my ideal position,” he said in a 2002 interview with Peter M. Jaworski of The Journal of Queens University in Canada.